Back in the city, October 2021

10th November 2021

When you step away from city life, there’s a sense of anticipation when you return, as to whether you will miss it or not. Despite only being back for a few days, it felt good to be back in the bustle. London is truly a magnificent city. It may feel like a beast sometimes, but it can give you so much.

Bespoke workshop for a great team of people at Somerset House.  Good to be back.

Marches francais, oct 2021

8th November 2021

Snippets from working and living between London and the South of France.

When used to shopping at any waking or sleeping hour in London, I have had to change my ways and get into the habit of food shopping at the weekend markets. Not such a bad thing, when the produce is local, full of flavour, smells, colours and textures.

Bread Making, July 2017

5th July 2017

First time making my own sourdough.

Birthday presents from E5 Bakehouse are not a bad thing. Now trying to learn from the French master of sourdough, with strict instructions to score it in the right place, heat the oven to the firing heat  and prepare the steaming water….oh the pressure!

Pressure over and quite pleased with the final result. Will fight over the crust later.

Bread Sour dough Sofia Franc SALT